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Enthusiastic. Innovative. & Soon to be a Hofstra University graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography.

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“We’re freaks. That’s all. Those two bastards got us nice and earlY and made us into freaks with freakish standards. That’s all. We’re the tattooed ladY and we’re never going to have a minute’s peace for the rest of our lives … until everYbodY else is tattooed too.”
― J.D. Salinger [FrannY & ZooeY]

LiterallY CrYing So Hard. Watching This Made Me Get Up Out of MY Bed in the Middle of the Night & Go On EverY Website Possible For Invisible Children & KoneY 2012 to Donate. Pledge. Purchase MY Action Kit & Prepare For Cover the Night April 20th. Give Our Generation Something to Be TrulY Proud Of. Because Its the Right Thing to Do. ☮ I Care. Do You? ♥

Cant Wait For Cover the Night NYC April 20th. <3

Fiiiiiiiine. =]

Fiiiiiiiine. =]

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MY New Absolute Faaaavorite. &lt;3

MY New Absolute Faaaavorite. <3





Aw. MJ Love. &lt;3

Aw. MJ Love. <3

You Are an Exit Wound.

The Extra Shot of Tequila.

The Tangled Knot of Hair That Has to Be Cut Out.

You Are the Cell Phone Ringing in a Hushed Theatre.

Pebble Wedged in the Sole of a Boot.

The Bloody Hangnail.

You Are [Just This Once]

You Are Flip Flops in a Thunderstorm.

The Boy’s Lost Erection.

A Pen Gone Dry.

You Are My Mother’s Nightmare.

My Father’s Mirage.

You Are a Manic High

Which is to Say:

You Are a Bad Idea.

You Are Herpes Despite the Condom.

You Are “I Know Better.”

You Are Pieces of Cork Floating in My Wine Glass.

You Are the Morning After
-Whose Name I Can’t Remember-
Still in My Bed.

The Hole in My Rain Boots.

Vibrator With No Batteries.

You Are “Shut Up & Kiss Me.”

You Are Naked Wearing Socks.

Mascara Bleeding Down Laughing Cheeks.

You Are the Wrong Guy Buying Me a Drink.

You Are the Typo in an Otherwise Brilliant Novel.

Sweet Talk Into Unprotected Sex.

The Married Coworker.

My Stubbed Toe.

You Are Not New or Uncommon.
Not Brilliant or Beautiful.

You Are a Bad Idea.

Rock Star in the Back Seat of a Taxi.
Burned Popcorn
Top Shelf- At Half Price.

& You Are Everything I Want.

You Are a Poem I Cannot Write.

A Word I Cannot Translate.

You Are an Exit Wound.

A Name I Cannot Bring Myself

to Say Aloud.

The Never Fading Scar.

All Smiles From Me to You. =] Photo Shoot With R. Supreme. 

Ummmmm … FUCK YEA!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Gets Me EverY Time. =]



I Wish Rain ReallY Looked Like This. The World Would Be Beautiful. =]

PrettY Much Sums Me Up CompletelY. 

PrettY Much Sums Me Up CompletelY.